Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Prayer Alert' SMS targets Incubus

American rock band Incubus is the subject of a negative text message circulating locally as of late.

"PRAYER ALERT!! a rock band called incubus is coming to perform at the Araneta coliseum on July 28. We must pray this group duznt even step on 2 the philippines soil so that they dont impart their spirits into our YOUTH!", a part of the text msg read a quoted by ABS-CBN in a report posted online on July 6.

Incubus is set to hold a concert at Araneta Coliseum on July 28 as part of their " If not now, when ?" world tour. This would be the group's third time to visit the country. they previously held concerts in manila in 2008 and 2004. To drive its point home, the text message even cited the definition of the word " incubus".
" 1. a male demon believe to lie on sleeping persons 3 have sexual intercourse with them2. situation resembling a terrifying dream  3. some one who depresses or worries others," it read.

The message ended by urging its recipients to  " pls pray ! may god protect us all "

In an interview posted in March 2009 on youtube via user just a phase bizarre, incubus frontman brandon boyd and lead guitarist mike elinzinger gave the reason they named their band as such. " Because it's silly soounding word" Elinzinger said.

Boyd continued, " And we were 15 years old and we think of a name quickly because we got to play at a party in someone's backyard", adding that they chose the name incubus over spiral staircase and chink of funk.

" And then mike looked at the thesurus and he's all, " incubus! look right there. that should be our name! we're all right," boyd shared

On incubus meaning, Einzinger recalled, " I'm pretty sure  I remeber that it just said, " a spirit that seduces women while they're sleeping" adding that they thought the word was " pretty harmless."
 source: manila bulletin

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